In 1999 our company joined WSFCA (now Flooring Association Northwest). I could see that being affiliated with the state and World Floor Covering Association (which is included with our FAN membership) would provide our company with many benefits. Along with the scholarship money for education (which we use regularly) the resources, reference materials and information that is provided has helped us out many times over.

I also felt it was important for me to give back to an industry that has served our family business since 1959. I had the honor and pleasure of serving five years as a director on the Board of Directors with many of the brightest people in our industry. It was a very rewarding time for me and helped grow many long lasting relationships. The highlight of my time on the board was the honor I had serving with Debbie Tott and many, many others on the blitz build of Habitat for Humanity. Our association provided and installed all of the flooring for 20 homes on Snoqualmie Ridge.

One of the most influential and important benefits of being a member has been networking at the events in our region. I never would have met or come to know many of the dealers and wholesale representatives that I call friends if we had not been a member. To have the ability to share with my peers and with our suppliers in a setting that is fun, exciting and informative is priceless.

Lastly, as I watch our association grow, I am very pleased to see the direction we are heading. One of the best things that we have going is the Market each spring. This trade show gives us the Northwest perspective of what is new and being offered in our area. Many of us retailers have strong relationships with distributors who are bringing products to our region. A lot of us would never see some of these products unless we attend the Market. We are fortunate to have one of the very few regional markets in the entire country.

Our company is honored to be part of our Flooring Association Northwest as we have grown and truly become a regional association. I look forward to meeting many new friends at the coming events.

Barry Lindgren, CFE
President & Owner
Abbey Carpet & Floor of Puyallup

Floorcovering Association Northwest or as I still think of it, WSFCA, has been a part of my professional career for many years now. Working in any industry it is beneficial socially and professionally to belong to a group of like-minded people. Everyone from installers, office staff, sales and management, can use improvement in their social and professional skills. The meetings provide a perfect venue for this.

FAN definitely has proven itself effective in helping connect peers, competitors and other professional leaders in the industry. The speaker presentations allow us insight to what is trending now, the latest legal issues we are faced with, and products and methods that can make our lives more productive and profitable. Professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of our industry can provide a wealth of information. Being a member of FAN I believe adds credibility to my career, broadens my knowledge base, provides potential career opportunities, and last but not least, lifelong friendships.

Debra Hall