Directory Instructions

Hello!  Welcome to instructions on how to claim your Flooring Association Northwest (FAN) Directory listing.

Once claimed you may update your company information, add new company details, add company photos (2 maximum,) add social media links and more.

By following the steps below you will be assigned a private Username and Password which will allow you to make future updates to your company listing.  Please let us know if you have questions by emailing the FAN System Administrator at

You may also download the listing instructions by clicking this button:    Listing Instructions

After you have registered you can update your listing(s) by visiting

Step 1
Click Directory on the main FAN navigation bar.


Step 2

Once on the Directory page, search for you Company name and click the blue button.  All FAN member’s base listings have been loaded to the site.  (If you have multiple company listings and wish to manage them with one username and password, click here.)


Step 3
After your company listing is loaded click the “Claim Listing” button.


Step 4
To register the claim for your listing enter your Username and E-mail Address.  Please make note of your login information. Then, press the blue Register Now button.


Step 5
To complete your claim enter a statement in the Comment  box (such as:  Hi, this is John from Seattle Flooring and I am claiming my company listing”) to confirm your claim, then click the blue Submit Claim button.  You claim will then be confirmed.


Step 6
After you see the claim confirmation page, check your email.  Please copy and paste the URL into your browser to set up your password.  You may accept the secure password, or provide one of your own.  This step is critical to protect your listing privacy and to access your listing.


Step 7
After you set your password, FAN will be notified of your claim.  After we approve your claim (usually within 24 hours or less) you will receive an email notification.  Once received you may log in to the Directory using your Username and Password.


Step 8
After you login (and during any subsequent logins using you will be presented with this screen.  Click on Directory Dashboard to view your FAN listing.


Step 9
Next, click your company name link.


Step 10
At this point you will be inside your Company FAN listing.  You may change any portion of the Form fields, add your company logo and photos that represent your company (2 maximum.)  The first image you load should be your company logo.


Step 11
To logout click logout at the to right of your screen. To log in to make future updates/edits enter: