Membership Is…

♦ Training programs focus on the teaching the most efficient processes which helps businesses save money.
♦ This is a great way to become a resource for the industry. Sharing technical product information with others results in growth for my business.

♦ Participating in events increases your visibility and gives you exposure to product reps who might not be calling on you.
♦ Retailers represent over half of the membership population.
♦ Gives you exposure to the industry.
♦ Membership gives you credibility and opens a lot of doors.
♦ A great opportunity to meet you customers and find out if there are any issues.
♦ A way to give back while helping to change and shape the industry.
♦ Seems logical to be part of the industry you make money from.

Leadership Development:
♦ Provides access to leadership development opportunities for you and your team by participating on committees and the board of directors.
♦ Participation will help your employees turn their job into their career.
♦ Membership is a statement of commitment to the industry. It gives employees exposure to industry specific events and topic.

Social Events:
♦ Golf tournament
♦ Market Expo trade show
♦ Quarterly dinner events

Associations can keep hold of the reigns on setting the standard within the industry and keep government out of defining the standards.

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