Directory Instructions – Multiple Listings

Hello!  Welcome to instructions on how to claim your Flooring Association Northwest (FAN) Directory listing.

These instructions are intended for companies that have more than one FAN listing and would like to manage them with the same Username and Password.  You must complete steps 1-7 of the primary directory instructions before using these steps to update your listings.

After you have registered using steps 1-7, you may update your listing(s) by visiting On the log in screen enter your username and password. After you have logged in, please follow these steps.

Step 1
Click Directory on the main FAN navigation bar.


Step 2

Once on the Directory page, search for you Company name and click the blue button. All FAN member’s base listings have been loaded to the site.


Step 3
After your company listing is loaded click the “Claim Listing” button.


Step 4
Since you have already registered using steps 1-7, please click the “here” link to login.


Step 6
You will then be asked to add a statement to confirm your claim.  Once completed, please follow the steps from number 7 in the primary listing instructions to update your listings.